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So many questions these days as to what to eat and what not to eat! What really is nutritious and what is not?!

These questions have been asked for as long as man has been alive and we are still learning new information every day. The main core as to what is healthy and what is not has always stayed the same. Greens have always been part of a healthy diet. This is lettuce, kale, collard greens, peas, or anything in the vegetable category that is green. Typically the darker, the better for you.

Fruit has typically been called “healthy for you” although in moderation as it has a higher sugar value to it. Actually, outside of greens, everything needs to be held in moderation as part of your diet. This goes for meats and proteins, fish, grains and all.

Most healthy people tend to eat a lot of greens and balance protein in with a small amount of carbs or grains. Very little sugar intake in healthy people. Some like to call sugar “the white drug”. I would have to agree as I was once addicted to sugar and it was hell trying to cut it out of my diet. I literally went through withdrawals. I do not want to go through that again.

In my honest opinion, I would take the above mentioned and cater it to fit what you feel is right for you. Each of us has a different body type and no diet should be the exact same for anyone. Start with a good base of greens as well as lots of water and test out from there. I have been adjusting my own diet now for 10 years and still making changes that are improving how I feel. Never stop experimenting!

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