How To Plan Your Wedding Food, Limo, And More


Wedding Planning Tips from Professionals in 2016

Every professional who works in the industry has their own tips for planning your wedding, and you need to make sure you have gone through every part of the wedding to get just what you need. You will save yourself a lot of money by making sure that you covered everything, and then you can be sure that you actually made a good choice instead of the impulse choice that costs too much money.

The Photographer

Your wedding photographer is really the most important part of the day because you cannot remember a day in which you will be dead tired if you do not have any pictures. It makes more sense for you to look for photographers who are willing to work with your schedule and needs, and then you can ask them how they would adjust to what you want to do. The photographer that is not willing to work with you or wants to impose their creative needs on you will waste your money. The accommodating photographer will take better pictures, and they will make sure that every picture costs. Pay a deposit, but do not pay too much. Ask the photographer how they will bind your album, how they will created framed portraits, and make sure that you will have a schedule for all your pictures so that there is no confusion.

wedding-cake-2The Food

The food that you get can come from the venue or the caterer, but you have to keep it under consideration even as you look for a venue. There is nothing that you can do if you do not have good food, and you are stuck if the caterer cannot get to your location. A caterer that cannot work in your location will be very hard pressed to help you, and a menu you do not like will cause problems. It means that you have to try the food beforehand, and you have to have a contract that tells the food you will get. You need to decide between a buffet and a sit-down dinner, and you need to decide if the bar will be open or not.

The Flowers

The flowers could easily the most expensive thing that you do for your wedding, but you need to make sure that you work with a florist who is willing to help you find something that is the right price. Do not let people import flowers just because. Ask the florist how they can save money, and ask them how they plan to set up the venue. That means that they can give you ideas, and you can take that with you to make sure that you get a venue that actually works for you.

The Venue

The venue should be priced well, but it also has to b a place that looks like it would host your celebration. You do not pick places just because you think you should, and you should not pick something that is not in your style. The venue should be able to seat all the people that you have, and you need to decide if the venue is going to make your food or not. You might get a discount, but you have to ask. The venue might even come with a planner for the day who will make your life easier. You can save money if you get the planner at the venue to help you instead of hiring your own planner.

The Planner

You can get a wedding planner who will help you make sure that everything is done the right way, and they can do things like hire everyone and rent all the things you need. They make your life easier, and they can save you a lot of trouble because you have not planned a wedding before. You might not want to spend the money on a planner, but the planner will save you a lot of headaches.


The last step is the transportation. We looked up a limo service in Portland Oregon that will not only take you to your honeymoon, but also provide wine tours. Make sure that you pick someone who can help you when you want a certain kind of car, and make sure you have the driver until you are off to your honeymoon. Every single step of the wedding should be planned to make sure you save money and get the right services. We discovered them by searching “Portland Limo” and were more than pleased with the result. 

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